Allison’s Career History

Allison Swan is a London based Specialist Physiotherapist offering a bespoke tailor-made physiotherapy service.   Allison’s experience in physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments, gives her the ability to treat and manage many different injuries. She is also a sessional Physiotherapist for Chelsea FC Academy and the Womens Team.
She has established a good network of referrals from leading Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons and GPs in and around Belgravia including Chelsea, Sloane Square, Knightsbridge, Mayfair and Marylebone.

physiotherapy in london & elite sport

I  started my career gaining a strong foundation in all areas of medicine in the largest University Teaching Hospitals in the North West of England.  I then specialised in Musculoskeletal Medicine which took me to Australia to study for a Masters in Spinal Manipulation and Sports Physiotherapy at the University of Western Australia in Perth, before moving to London.

In London, I worked in specialised Sports Medicine Clinics and then set up my own private practice in Belgravia.  Since the start of my career I have always worked in elite sport including  Premier  Rugby Football Teams, National Hockey Teams and the Womens Tennis Association on international tournaments.  I currently work as a sessional Physiotherapist at Chelsea FC for the Academy and the Womens Academy.

I have built up a very loyal patient base in and around the area, many patients returning with new injuries or sending their family members or friends, bringing together a strong community of patients who want to continue to improve, not only, their physical health  but emotional well being.  I have also established very strong and trusting relationships with the GPs and Consultants in and around Chelsea, Marylebone, Mayfair and Knightsbridge.  The GPs and Consultants know their patients they refer will be looked after.

My focus is ensuring the patient feels valued and looked after. I am passionate and fully committed, in what I do. My strengths are making the patient feel comfortable, relaxed and to know they are in the right place and will get the right diagnosis.  My experience and listening skills enables the patient to explain their story of their injury in full to get the accurate diagnosis, the true source of the pain/injury and the right treatment plan.  This is what I enjoy the most in what I do.

How Allison Works

I tailor rehabilitation treatment care plans carefully to optimise and improve the quality of life and personal performance of all my clients. As well as restore normal movement and help prevent re-occurrence in the future by offering one hourly appointments directed at addressing the contributing factors that result in injury and resolving the issues in the most efficient way.

I focus on ensuring the patient feels valued and looked after. I am passionate in what I do, enjoy what I do and is fully committed. My main strengths are making the patient feel comfortable, relaxed and to know they are in the right place. My extensive experience and listening skills allows the patient to express and explain the story of their injury in full to get an acute diagnosis of the source of the problem. This is what I enjoy best about what I do.

What consultants say:

” I have known Allison for approximately 10 years in her capacity as a specialist physiotherapist. During this time she has provided expert care and attention for a large number of my patients. Allison has significantly helped in their recovery from injury or problems.

Her skills have been invaluable in helping patients particularly in their post-operative period. She has undoubtedly contributed to them obtaining optimal results from their intervention. All my patients that have seen Allison have expressed complete satisfaction in the care, skill and expertise that she has provided. I have never had a complaint and received only positive reviews. I would recommend her to any patient with a musculoskeletal problem.

Mr Steve Corbett,
Consultant Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon,
Fortius Clinic

What consultants say:

“I have worked with Allison for many years now. She has looked after patients during their rehab both with and without surgery. Allison is a highly experienced physiotherapist who seems to have a knack at motivating patients to work through what can be difficult journeys. She offers a superb bespoke service which I thoroughly recommend.”

Mr Ioan Tudur Jones,
Consultant Foot and Ankle Surgeon,
Fortius Clinic


"Allison Swan has been my physiotherapist for some years, starting when I had back problems, and more recently after hip replacement surgery. Allison always listens to me as her patient, and is endlessly creative in finding ways to relieve pain and restore mobility. She is a caring and thoughtful professional."


"She recognised I needed surgery on my two knees and referred me accordingly to a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. She subsequently guided me through the post op rehabilitation. She is both a remarkable Physio and amazingly qualified."


"She has excellent manual therapy skills and is very intuitive in what my needs were. With Allison's treatment, I have made a full recovery and am able to continue in living a full life. I trust her knowledge and expertise. She is simply outstanding."


"Allison Swan is professional, knowledgeable and caring, offering a superb personal physiotherapy service where the patient is always put first."


"Allison goes that extra mile to ensure her patients understand the health issues diagnosed and explains the underlying cause of the problem so that the patient knows what needs to be corrected in helping to obtain optimum fitness, whilst ensuring that the patient's treatment will help in the interim and longer term; personalising an exercise program and management of any future incidents. It's empowering!"


"I would highly recommend Allison particularly if you have tried several other avenues but have failed to obtain a diagnosis and treatment programme which can finally put an end to your back, neck and head pains."